Apartments in Anniston AL

Living in Anniston, AL would be a great advantage to you especially if you are looking for a quiet, comfortable and convenient place to live in. There are so many apartments in Anniston AL to choose from but I think ALB LLC Apartments are the best.

 A Glimpse of Golden Springs

The Golden Springs is a community where the Anniston apartments are located. It is a suburban neighborhood (based on population density) located in Anniston, Alabama. The real estate of the area is primarily made up of single-family homes that are medium sized with three or four bedrooms to small ones that are either studio-type or have two bedrooms, apartment complexes and high-rise apartments. Most residences in Golden Spring were built between 1970 and 1989 but there are also some that were already built between 1940 and 1969. Indeed, it had been years since residences were established in Golden Springs.

When you go around the neighborhood, you would feel good about the setting, the buildings around it and the entire aura of the area. The design of the homes built years ago, as well as the newly built once, create a lovely visual appeal in the community.  Anyone could also observe how good people get around and how peace loving and friendly are the households living here.


We would love to visit lovely places from time to time like parks, museums and others. If you want to get a glimpse of some historical items that would give you some valuable information, the Anniston Museum of Natural History and the Berman Museum of World History would be a good place to visit. You would surely leave the place abundant with new learning.

If you want to visit a park or a place here you can bond with nature, then try the Centennial Memorial Park, theMountain Longleaf National Wildlife Refuge or the Coldwater Mountain Bike Trail. You can also just take a look at the amazing Big Chair which is a thirty-three-foot-tall office chair built from ten tons of steel. It is a well-known attraction in Anniston.

Dining and Nightlife

You have a vast option if you want to dine in a restaurant in Anniston.  You can eat in Waffle House, Hardee’s / Red Burrito, IHOP and others. They always serve good breakfast, snacks, and other meals. When night time comes, you can still enjoy bar hopping and visit Patriot Joe’s Ale or the AJ’s Sunset Bar & Grill. There are no boring times in Anniston indeed!


Want to buy some new retail stuff for your home or for the family? If you are into shopping, then you don’t need to go far because you can always get your needs from the  Old Mill Mall Shopping Center and the Quintard Mall Shopping Center. The Quintard Mall’s primary stores are famous J.C. Penney, Dillard’s and Sears. You can also relax and watch a movie in their theater, AmStar 12 Cinemas.

A Place to Relax and Retire

If you want to just relax and de-stress, the Golden Spring is a perfect location to settle in because it had above average safety ratings and it could offer a wide range of housing options. No wonder that the place had attracted a desirable mix of college educated seniors who have opted to retire in an apartment in the area. As a matter of fact, the neighborhood ranks better for retirement living than 89.0% of the neighborhoods in Alabama. Indeed, this is a good place to consider when you are planning to retire.

Diverse People in Golden Springs Neighborhood

Of course, it is important that the neighborhood is good and the people who live there will make you feel that you belong and you are safe. We know for a fact that the income, occupation, ethnicity and language of a family could greatly affect their characteristic. We also know that you want to be fully aware of what kind of people are living in the area.

In terms of income, the neighborhood in Golden Springs is lower-middle income wherein children are living below the federal poverty line. But overall, the people may be relatively wealthy. The working population would include those who are employed in sales, service jobs from major sales accounts to those working in fast food restaurants.  There are also executives living in the area with those involved in management and professional occupations. Meanwhile, other residents are employed in manufacturing, laborer occupations, clerical, assistant and tech support occupations.

It is also important to know the varying cultures that the people have in the community. In Golden Springs, there are English, German, Irish, Scots-Irish, Mexican, and others. You can tell that along with a diverse ethnicity could be a variation of language too. But the common language in the community is English while a minority speak Spanish.

In Golden Springs, everyone treats each other as a family, wherever you came from and whatever is your race.

Transportation and Work

You may have decided to get an apartment in the area because of your job. You can go to work by car, bus, train or other means.  Having your own car could be a good thing especially if your office is a bit far from the community. But others merely walk to work while still others just take the bus, train or even bike. Biking could be a good choice for it is friendly to the environment and is also healthy for you. Most commuters in Golden Springs neighborhood commute one-way to their work between 15-30 minutes. Guess that is pretty convenient.


It would also be convenient for your children to be able to go to a nearby school from Golden Springs. You can choose from different schools with a good reputation where your kids can go. The neighborhood is served by three districts Calhoun County School District (19 Schools) , Oxford City School District (7 Schools) and the Anniston City School District (9 Schools).

The Golden Springs Elementary School is a regular elementary or secondary school for Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 5.  It has 209 Students enrolled with 12 Classroom teachers. That is quite a good ratio which could ensure you that your kids will be able to learn something while in school.